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Traditional Skills Remain With Talented Artists

Sign Writing & Hand Painted Murals

Traditional Values Still Remain With Talented Artists

Traditional sign writing still has great value and often provides a low cost solution that produces great results for your branding and retail needs.

Sign writing is ideal for chalk boards, uneven surfaces or coverage for large surface areas. Very effective for hand painted backgrounds, murals and lettering which can bring interiors and exteriors to life and create attention for something special and unique to your business.

Philip John, owner and hands-on artist, is qualified, old school traditionally trained and a truly talented artist when it comes to wielding a brush.

Phil has painted brands and retail messages on various surfaces for some of Townsville’s big retailers and undertaken commissions to paint murals on some of Townsville’s iconic structures. He is a recognised artist and his skill spans from pencil, chalk, charcoals covering chalk board, interior and exterior on walls, windows and buildings. You will be astonished by his skill in sign-writing and artistry in large surface projects.

If you need a powerful outcome and or looking for a clever design statement then call Phil. His experience and creative flair will help you achieve something truly unique and captivate your audience.

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