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What's Not To Love About Dimension & Light!

3D Signs & Illumination

What's Not To Love About Dimension & Light!

With the right advice you can turn your two dimensional sign into something with real depth and dimension. You could even illuminate it day and night, for real presence.

We are one of North Queensland’s most well equipped state of the art sign workshops, manufacturing signs of any size and description.

3D Fabricated Signs

  • Router cutting machine that’s quick to cut any shape
  • A range of materials for router cutting to suit your budget
  • Laser cut for clean and crisp edges with Acrylic and MDF
  • Create your logo, type or design in any shape or size
  • We custom build to suit your needs

Illuminated Signs

  • We can manufacturer LED light boxes to create illuminated signs which far outweighs neon in both expense and less maintenance
  • Perfect for interior as a panel or individual text on a wall area
  • Highly effective for outdoor with brilliant lighting, day and night

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